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Sponsor a Church Start

Sponsor a Church or Project

When you sponsor a church or project through the Glory Project you help build self-sufficient churches in the South East Asia and Pacific region. We believe true transformation occurs when the local church identifies its needs and mobilizes. With your help and the help of other like-minded Christians, we seek to make disciples and reproduce the church of God in all 11 countries of Southeast Asia.

Support A Missionary & Their Family

About Sponsorship

$100/ Monthly Donation

You can help support one missionary and their family with a monthly donation of $100-$250.

Glory Project supported national workers carry a burning desire for people to know the love of Christ. They are trained and equipped to serve effectively, whether their place of ministry is a slum, a remote mountain community, a large city, an island, or with refugees. Through their prayers, dedication and sacrificial love, thousands of men and women have found new life in Christ. When you become a sponsor, your gift goes to these men and women.

You can impact eternity.

Link your life with a national worker by supporting our Mission Partnership Program.

$100 a month or $1,200 a year, and help change lives for eternity.

A Church In Every Village

Every Dollar Counts

Church Sponsorship Packages

When you provide sponsorship for new church starts you will join local missionaries in their church planting efforts across Southeast Asia. With this funding, our missionaries will create a plan for church planting in at least four villages within a single valley or area. Church sponsorship packages provide funds for the purchase of bibles as well as any language translations needed of bibles, films, and any other materials to aid in the church’s success.

The funds are also used to sponsor evangelistic campaigns in the area and seminars within the church. Finally, these funds will enable the missionary or planters to become self-sufficient by starting micro-enterprise businesses that empower the missionary and their community to grow and thrive. Choose how you would like to support with these options:

$ 0 +
a month

Provide bibles, evangelism resources, or discipleship materials

$ 0 +
a month

Provide a goat or chicken for frontline workers

$ 0 +
a month

Support for theological education (Bible school student)

$ 0 +
a month

Support a missionary and his / her family

$ 0 +
a month

Support church building projects

$ 0 +
a month

Whole year of school provided for or a new orphanage / children’s home started

$ 0 +
One Time

Get a new missionary, new work, and new project started

Our Values

Faith | Hope | Love

Being Built

Church Success Stories

We have a church being built, and adding a location for another one we will build. 

We seek to share the gospel in all it’s fullness to the glory of God by establishing, growing, and maturing the church in Southeast Asia.
– Habakuk 2:14



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