Our Missionaries

A Church in Every Village

Native Missionary Project

The Glory Project sponsors native missionaries to reach the unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read more about each missions activities below.

Pastor David

In central Myanmar, a network of churches continues to grow through the faithful leadership of Pastor David and his leaders. In 2022 the gospel was shared several times to internally displaced people and new churches have started. When you choose to sponsor a native missionary like David, a new church is started in every village among unreached Buddhist people groups.

Mr. Tun

Mr. Tun is sharing the gospel to a people group that has continually been oppressed by the larger society. New churches are springing up in mountain areas where there was no gospel presence before because he visits there faithfully. Several children are also supported in an orphanage where they are safe from further oppression.

Sai Yi

Sai Yi has been sharing the gospel in an area in constant turmoil. His wife and children have faced persecution for their ministry, but have never faltered. A small structure has been built to help gather new believers among the villages for discipleship. May this intentional training equip the saints to abide in Christ continually and share the gospel to their friends and family.

Pastor Xay

Pastor Xay visits villages in Northern Laos sharing the gospel every week. People are responding to the gospel in every place. Pastor Xay desires to see two churches started every year in Northern Laos. When you give to The Glory Project, you give to see his vision, God’s dream, accomplished in that region.

Mrs. Shwe

Mrs. Shwe shares the gospel of Christ on the border of Myanmar to an unreached people group. There is not a church in the surrounding area. Mrs. Shwe felt called to go because these people have been “forgotten.” There is no electricity, running water, or other basic neecitieis. Mrs. Shwe has begun to meet with the children and form relationships with families thereby being able to share Christ’s love. When you give, you help Mrs. Shwe travel to these villages and also begin churches where there is no gospel presence.

Places We Serve


The Glory Project Missionary Training Institute.

Bibles, discipleship materials, and trainings are held here to equip and encourage frontline workers in their efforts to reach the unreached.

Latitude: 22.033333 | Longitude: 96.466667

Pyinoolwin Township,  Myanmar

Glory Home Cell Churches are reaching the unreached in this city numbering almost 1 million. 

Latitude: 22.221611 | Longitude: 96.652405

Bant Bway, Myanmar

A new church started December 2021 to reach the Shan people. This is the first church in this town. 

Latitude: 22.292785 | Longitude: 96.710083

Nawnghkio Township, Myanmar

Peter and his family are reaching seven villages with the gospel of Jesus Christ through the Glory Canaan Land (a silkworm project and church planting base). 

Latitude: 22.924124 | Longitude: 97.778503

Lashio Township, Myanmar

Throughout this region we have several missionaries and ministers engaged in reaching the Shan and other people groups with the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Latitude: 15.120146 | Longitude: 105.804397

Pakse, Laos

Front line workers are faithfully sharing in remote villages reaching animistic people with the truth of Jesus Christ. 

Latitude: 7.064545 | Longitude: 125.608437

Davao City, Davao Region, Philippines

In Davao the church is being equipped to start churches all across this island and other areas.

Latitude: 22.758053 | Longitude: 97.84201

Mangyai, Lashio Township, Myanmar

New churches are being started regularly through a church network that stretches across this valley. 

Latitude: 18.788278 | Longitude: 98.98588

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Bibles, discipleship materials, and trainings are held here to equip and encourage frontline workers in their efforts to reach the unreached.

For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.
– Habakuk 2:14

Latitude: 28.613895 | Longitude: 77.209006


New Delhi, Delhi, India

Bible College

Our bible school / church planting center started in 2022 is raising up leaders to reach people with the gospel all across India and Southeast Asia.

Missionaires in Asia

Bibles, discipleship materials, and trainings are held here to equip and encourage frontline workers in their efforts to reach the unreached. 

Missionary Success Stories

In India

Dr. Henry Sui

Good Servant

I heard the voice of the Lord in a dream, saying, “I choose you to be my servant. G and preach; if not, you will be shamed.” After that dream, I started to meditate and pray to God about what this meant. After some time in prayer and fasting, I made the decision to serve God in ministry until my last breath. Since then, I have been serving God teaching in different communities and with multiple college students through various evangelistic or Bible teaching seminars. 

Further God’s Kingdom Through Serving

My one true desire is to serve God by serving others. My life’s ambition is to educate and empower young people to become faithful servants of God and good citizens where they live. I want to see pastors, missionaries, evangelists, and theologians be equipped with practice skills and effective strategies to further God’s kingdom in Southeast Asia. 

Missionary Success Stories
From Henry

We’ve seen God move recently among the refugees in India. May of 2022 we saw 15 come to Christ and now with our bible school are eager to help them grow in their relationship with Christ.

Support Education
Missionary Success Stories
From Alfred

We saw three come to faith during one bible school camp in April 2022. With the crumbling of our government, people are wondering who they can trust and they are finding it in Jesus Christ alone.

Establish A Mission
Missionary Success Stories
From Sai Gold

In December 2022 we baptized 15 people (the largest we’ve had in several years) and are see the church grow in our valley. In 2010 we only had four churches, but now are approaching 15 with people turning to Christ monthly.

Support A Church
Missionary Success Stories
From Pastor David

In August 2022 we saw 30 come to faith in Christ. All of them are from Buddhist backgrounds. They came to our area due to civil unrest, fleeing for their lives. Praise the Lord, they can now have peace and eternal security through Jesus Christ.

Establish A Mission
A God Testimony


Coming to Christ

I am Peter. I am Shan and was born in Shan Buddhist family from Mogoke, Ruby Land. I thought about life after death when I faced a deadly accident on 18 years old in Namp San township, Southern Shan State. I was afraid at that time and didn’t want to die because I made sins when I was young and didn’t make good things to destroy the costs of sins and it was sure I would go to hell after death. I studied about life after death from books and from religious rites. But I didn’t have satisfied answers and wanted to know more. I found completed answer on 2011 when I attended at the American Center Interfaith Club. That was Jesus give assurance of life and life after death for those who believe Him as their Savior. I wanted to know about Him more and I accepted the job as a volunteer English teacher at Shan State Kachin Baptist Convention in Lashio. I taught English at Shan State Kachin Baptist Convention and Northern Shan State Baptist Convention and studied about life after death and about Jesus from my students, ministers who served on those convention. After Six months, I truly accepted and believed Jesus as my Savior who can give assurance for this life and life after death. So, I baptized at Kachin Church on 2011.

Paving The Way

After Baptizing, I wanted to share the others who haven’t known about assurance of life and life after death but I didn’t know how to share and needed to study the Bible to know about Jesus and His amazing plan for human and earth. I needed to be His pupil who worked for Him on earth. So, I asked Him because he can fulfill our wants when we asked Him and then I met Saya Breck at a conference for Shan Christian and told him that I wanted to studied. Saya helped me to attend the seminary and to do mission works since 2012. While studying, I went Shan villages to teach the children English and to introduce with Jesus by talking about His Love to the people.

The Center is Always Jesus

By having Jesus, I have assurance of living and life after death. When I have difficulties and problems that I couldn’t solve, I asked Him and He helped me to solve and overcome those. I feels He is with me although the other can’t see Him because whenever I worried, I wanted and I faced the difficulties, He comforted, fulfilled and solved. He helped me to marry with Esther, to be missionary, to open boarding school and to buy the land for mission works. Before accepting Jesus, I worked for myself and tired and was afraid about death and felt meaningless about living. After knowing Him, I worked for others by following His will and plan, have strength, and I am not afraid about death and feel meaningful about living. Now, I am facing the problems to be arrested and to be tortured and killed but He protects me from those and give me everything I need now. He is truly amazing for me and my family. I will tell the others about His love and His amazing plans till the end of my life because He ask me to love others and to live for others if I love Him. Thanks for having the opportunity to share about me.

Community Development

Mr. Peter has seen hundreds trained at his community development center and family resource program. With his help, a farming co-op was established between 10 villages to help families escape poverty and better care for the education of their children. Through his efforts, other church leaders have been equipped to faithfully lead their flock. The Development center continues to provide fellowship and support to church leaders by holding retreats on a regular basis

And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”

– Romans 10:15

In Burma


Called to Serve

Since my childhood God has called me to serve Him. I’ve a fervent desire in my heart to be an effective witness for Jesus Christ since I can remember. Therefore, I went to Bible school to study God’s Word in India right after I graduated highschool. I went to bible school with one vision only – to plant churches all over Myanmar.

Lead by James 1:27

One day while I was reading in the book of James I came across James 1:27 which God laid upon my heart. I then started praying for the orphans in my homeland of Myanmar. God then confirmed in my heart that this is the ministry I must engage in and he gave me the courage and confidence to move forward. I started the orphanage in 2013 after I finished Bible school and started Grace church in 2018. 

Crown Orphans Care Home

Mr. Moses felt the call to care for orphans after reading the book of James. Since his ministry began, he has seen his church grow from one family to several within their community. Together these families share in the care of the children at the Crown Orphans Care Home where Mr. and Mrs. Moses serve as Directors. Together they serve to ensure that even the least are cared for and loved daily.

The Vision Amongst The War

My vision is to reach out to the unreached peoples around me as much as possible. I hope to start small groups in several new homes and villages while caring for the orphans and helping refugees as well fleeing from war torn areas in my country.

In The Philippines

Graceful to Minister

Carl John S. DY

Great Passion for Christ

Since 2019, I have been blessed to pastor the church in Bato, Sta. Cruz. I and my pregnant wife are both young, but we have a great passion to bring more souls to Christ. We are very grateful to the Lord for bringing us to this place and being able to minister to the people here and at the same time, to some of the police officers of the PNP Provincial Office of Davao del Sur, weekly. We are hoping to win more souls unto Him and be able to nurture and guide them in their walk with Christ.

His Glory

I am blessed to be part of the teaching staff of Soul-Winner Bible College, where I graduated, and to help the little kids, as well, in their academics and spiritual aspects in Soul-Winner Learning Center, where we have the opportunity to minister to the parents and families. I am hoping and praying that the Lord will continue to use me in reaching out to more souls for His glory.

Co-Laborer of Christ


Share the Gospel

The road to graduation in the Bible school wasn’t easy for me since my parents were against it, especially my father. But I am very happy that right now, they are very supportive in my service to God Almighty as they have seen how the Lord has been good and faithful to His servants. As a co-laborer of Christ, there are still ups and downs, but it is my joy and comfort to be able to share the gospel to the lost and be able to help them in their journey with God.

Planted and Established: August 2, 2020

Christian Jay Cabariana

Obeying the Great Commission

We started this work during the pandemic and faced many restrictions; like check points in the boarder of municipalities. But this did not distract us from obeying the Great Commission of Jesus to make disciples. The church was planted and established last January, 202. Our vision is to grow to 200 while also seeking to start another church within the next 10 years.

Praise God

I praise God for everything He has done in my life, and although I am suffering a toxic goiter now, I am still thankful to Him that I can use my life to serve Him with all my heart and strength.

Teaching and Sharing

Jerlene S. Rabago

Kids and Families

I am grateful to be part of the first batch of graduates of Soul-Winner Bible College. And it has been 3 years since I’ve been part of the said institution as an instructor in different subjects. I am very pleased that I can be of help to the church by reaching out to the children and by their families. Together with Pastor Carlito’s wife, Teacher Joy, we were the first teachers of Soul-Winner Learning Center, which became the training ground of the Bible students in teaching and handling kids.

Serving God

Jessa May C. Patigayon

Ministries and Music

It has been 2 years since I graduated from Soul-Winner Bible College. And since then, I have been an instructor for the school. I am also very happy to teach the preschoolers, as the church has opened a Soul-Winner Learning Center where kindergarten and preschoolers can enroll. I thank God that I can spend my weekdays with these ministries and still be able to reach out to the lost, especially the youth with the talent God has given me in music. I am looking forward to what more I can do to serve God best in my life, as I and my fiance Pastor Christian Jay L. Cabariana seek to get married next year. 

God’s Guidance and Provision

Pastor Johnie C. Pabanua

Reestablishing the Church

I have been pastoring the church for 7 years now. It is the first daughter church that was planted by the main church. It was at first located in a beach front, but due to the series of earthquakes last 2019 that devastated it, it was temporarily relocated to another Barangay in Digos City. We are still praying and looking forward to God’s guidance and provision to reestablish the church. And right now, together with my family, I am working to reach more souls and families to Christ and strengthen their love to God.

Blessed to Minister

Pastor Marjun P. Catajusan

By Grace

It’s been 5 years since I pastor the church in Sinawilan, Matanao. I am blessed to minister as a chaplain to the people there and be able to help them to know more about Christ. I am also privileged to be able to share the Word of God to our Municipal employees every Monday during flag raisings, and also to the Police officers and Firefighters weekly. Although the church is not big, my wife and I are very happy that the Lord has allowed us to work for Him through these people. And, by His grace, we are looking forward to bringing more souls to Him.

Preach His Name

Michael Dave Balderas

Plant His Church

I am the assistant pastor of Pastor Carlito P. Catajusan Jr. here in Bansalan church. I graduated just this April and am still waiting for the Lord’s guidance as to where He would bring me to preach His name and plant His church in our Province. 

I Am Blessed

Currently, I am blessed to assist Pastor Carlito in all the ministries here in Bansalan including Bible studies and visitations in all the families of the church and also the weekly Bible studies in Bansalan’s police station, fire stations, and Treasury Office. I am praying that while waiting for His guidance, He will continue to equip and empower me through the work here in Bansalan.

The Lord Has Blessed

Jade S. Rabago

With Great Desire

In 2018 I became the full time pastor of the church in Sulop. The Lord has blessed me to be able to minister to the people there. With great desire, I am praying that the church would continue to grow and be able to disciple other believers to be co-laborers with God in the mission field.

Harvest He Has Given

Right now, while working for this harvest field He has given, I am also blessed to be able to minister to some of the police officers of the PNP, Provincial Office of Davao del Sur. I am hoping and praying that the Lord would add more souls to the church and be able to help the community by leading them to Christ.

Growing and Establishing Our Church

Pastor Rey E. Aldiano

The Lord Has Lead Us

There are 3 families and 5 individuals attending Sunday worship service. It’s not yet established. Together with Pastor Carlito P. Catajusan Jr., we started the work in Balugan just this year. It is the recent open-work of the main Church (Bansalan). The lot is not yet fully paid and there is no building yet. But I am very happy that the Lord has led us to this place to be able to reach out to the lost and help them grow as better Christians.

Guitar Leading To Christ

Rose Marie R. Arro

Jesus and His Love

I am blessed to be one of the first graduates of Soul-Winner Bible College in Bansalan. The road to graduation was not easy but God helped me to endure the 4 years in the Bible School. And now, I am privileged to be part of its teaching staff for 3 years now. With great joy, I am also pursuing reaching the youth through giving free guitar tutorials weekly as I lead them to Christ and help them in their spiritual growth. I thank God as well, that I can help the little children in academics and tell them about Jesus and His love, through the Soul-Winner Learning Center of the church. By the grace of God, I am praying for more open doors to reach out to the lost sinners and help them in their daily walk with Christ.

A Church In Every Village

In Burma

A Place To Gather

Mr. Seng

Village Bible School

In recent years, Mr. Seng started a small village bible school in a valley where new believers could gather and come to faith. He continues to grow the Asian evangelical church, disciplining these individuals to start churches in other villages in the area where God has called them.

A New Start

Khun Zaw

Christ’s Love

Khun Zaw was the first in his family and village to follow Christ. After being forced out of his home by the civil war in his country, he was recently able to return home and continue his work planting churches among his family and friends. He and his wife also work as directors of the New Light Children’s Home where children in crisis are being given a home to truly feel the love of Christ.

A Teacher’s Care

Mrs. Tang

Teaching At New Light Children’s Home

Mrs. Tang. is the full-time onsite teacher for the New Light Children’s Home. She is committed to the vision of the children’s home because of a desire to be the light of the gospel to those children. She hopes that through her influence, each child will come to faith in Christ through her faithful living as she teaches them and cares for them.

We seek to share the gospel in all it’s fullness to the glory of God by establishing, growing, and maturing the church in Southeast Asia.
– Habakuk 2:14

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