• June 17, 2024

Every Day Missionary

Jesus said in John 20:21 “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you.” This is one of 6 Great Commission Imperatives in the New Testament. Another one is Matthew 28:18-20, where Jesus says, “all authority in heaven and earth has been given to me, therefore go and make disciples of Jesus Christ baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit and teaching them everything I have commanded you.” What is Jesus doing here? He is commissioning His disciples, sending them out to be His witnesses. But who is He saying this to? He is saying this to all of us. His commands were not just for His original twelve disciples, but for the church for all time. So, this message is for you! It’s a call for you to be an everyday missionary in your home, workplace, office, neighborhood, and community.

But many of us are reluctant (for one reason or another) to share Jesus with others when the opportunity comes. Like Jonah, we end up running from that moment instead of seizing it. So, this week, I want to encourage you to read through the book of Jonah and discover the 6 principles I will share below about how you can become an everyday missionary. Use the acronym BE SENT to help you remember these biblical truths.

Be attentive to God’s voice (1:1-3) and don’t ignore Him.
Enter the wrestling ring (1:4-10) to determine where God is leading you.

Say yes to the Lord (1:12-17). Surrender to His will and engage in a spiritual conversation.
Erase selfishness from your heart (Chapter 2). Look at your Calander and schedule as a means to bless others and not just fulfill your agenda.
Normalize the gospel (3:1-10). Guide conversations to spiritual matters so people can take their next step toward Jesus.
Train your heart to see & love the lost (Chapter 4). See the world how God sees it, filled with people who need salvation and you are that messenger.

Click on this link for a short video summary.Every Day Missionary. If you want the full link reach out to us at support@thegloryproject.net

A Church in Every Village,
Dr. Breckenridge L. Merkle