• April 22, 2024

Serving in Southern Nepal

The Glory Project sent their first native missionary to Southern Nepal to start churches among the unreached Bhojpuri people group. Here is a quick video of Life in Southern Nepal. Even within one country, the cultural dynamics between one people group and another can be tremendous. This week the missionary said, “ I am surprised at how different life is down here compared to living around Katmandu in the hills. It is not just hot here, but the people still hold onto many old traditions. I praise God I can be here to share about Jesus because they need to hear.”

Nepal has 173 people groups numbering over 32 million. God is on the move in this country reaching people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In fact, Nepal has one of the fastest growing churches in the world. The Glory Project missionaries are entering into the hardest places, where there is no church. Would you continue to pray for open doors to the gospel? And as God opens doors, ask that we remain dependent upon the Holy Spirit because an open door is not necessarily an invitation to enter.

Let me encourage you from God’s Word. King David, in 2 Samuel 5:17-25, check in with God on two different occasions before rushing into battle with the Philistines. The first time he got the green light to enter into battle. The second time, God gave him further instructions on how to go into battle so he could defeat the Philistines. King David prayed and waited on God’s confirmation to proceed and for further direction in how to do so. Likewise, as you move forward with your family, job, ministry, etc. you must take time to wait upon God and see if you should enter the open door you find. Sometimes you should seize the opportunity, and at other times God may tell you to wait. Serving in Southern Nepal is like serving God anywhere else – trying new things for the sake of the gospel while trusting God for what’s next.

Until all have heard, Dr. Breckenridge L. Merkle