Tongues and the Gospel

When it comes to the gifts of the Holy Spirit, the biggest debate seems to be regarding the speaking of

Compulsory Military Service in Myanmar

In February, the military in Myanmar passed a new law requiring all young men from the ages of 18-35 to

Pray for a few Countries in Asia

Pray for India and Myanmar. Ask the church to remain faithful though persecution continues to grow and new laws are

It’s Not About Nike

I have been traveling throughout India these past two weeks and today the Lord reminded me of a verse. Romans

The Greatest Gift

Missionaries serving on the frontlines in Asia this year received some great gifts to help them in their ministry. Bicycles

Shifting World Demographics and Missions

Missionaries often go to great lengths to study the cultures where they are called to minister. They observe the people

The Place of Faith in Salvation

Faith is the action that connects your need to be rescued with God’s provision for your rescue. In other words,

Kingdoms Collide

In Daniel Chapter 2, King Nebuchadnezzar has a dream of a stone crushing a statue made of gold, silver, bronze,

Hopelessness in Laos

Laos is just one country in Southeast Asia where the next generation is felling hopeless in the current economic environment

Cyclone Mocha

In May 2023, Cyclone Mocha hit the coast of Myanmar and Bangladesh with several thousand casualties. In Myanmar, where house