• November 7, 2023

The Place of Faith in Salvation

Faith is the action that connects your need to be rescued with God’s provision for your rescue. In other words, saving faith in Jesus Christ is personal faith! Jesus’s sacrificial death on the cross is enough for your sin, but you need to receive it. Your personal faith and trust in Jesus Christ is the rope that connects you to the shore. Faith is what connects your need with the provision of God’s rescue in the cross. 

In Hebrews chapter 2 verse 1, the writer uses two nautical terms to impress upon us the exclusivity of the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Greek word translated “pay much closer attention” was used to describe tying up a boat to its mooring so that it does not drift away. In other words, the writer is claiming that is imperative that we “tie up” to the gospel of Jesus Christ or we will drift away from God. 

This second phrase, “so that we do not drift away” also pictures a sailing vessel. This term describes a ship that has drifted past a harbor due to the inattention of the sailors. They did not intentionally miss the harbor – they were eager to return home safely. But the sailors allowed themselves to be distracted by other things and missed the narrow opening that would lead them into the secure harbor. 

My friend, do not miss the secure harbor of hope that is God Himself. God provides you will eternal life that begins when you find the opening to the harbor. And this opening is none other than His Son Jesus Christ. When missionaries proclaim the gospel message of the cross, the opening to the harbor can be found. Do not be distracted by the other things. Instead, be focused on how you can bring people safely to shore. 

Dr. Breckenridge L. Merkle

President @ The Glory Project