• September 22, 2023

Christianity & Culture

A recent study by Pew Research group Religion and Identity in Asia concluded that a majority of citizens in countries throughout Asia, tie religion closely to their ethnic identity. Many individuals say, “”To be Thai, is to be Buddhist” or “To be Malaysian is to be Islamic.” This study is important because it is a reminder for Christians to be sensitive to the close connection between religion and how these people view themselves. It is a call for Christians to find ways where the gospel can be shared in a way that helps those in Asia understand that one can be a Christ-follower and still be Thai, Malay, and Cambodian. Revelation 7:9-10 is a picture of diversity, a wonderful vision of worldwide worship where people will culturally express their praise to God for eternity. Therefore, Christians must find ways to contextually share the gospel and help new believers find ways to worship Christ today using their God-given traditions, culture, languages, and rituals.

To God be the glory forever and ever,