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Bible School

Fulfill Your Calling

The Glory Education Center in New Delhi, India is a training center focused on empowering indigenous people to become pastors and music leaders so they can bring revival to the church in Southeast Asia.

The Glory Education Center

New Dehli, India.
Goal: $7500
Bachelor’s & Master’s Degree Programs

Our Education

The Glory Education Center In India

International & Theological Bible College

The Glory Education Center is a bible college whose passion is to equip people to serve God well. Jesus Christ chose 12 men and spent his life with them for three and a half years. These men then went on to change the world sharing the truth of God’s Word. Our center seeks to train up men and women to continue to go out and share God’s love among the unreached in Southeast Asia. Let’s build God’s Kingdom together! 

Discipleship Programs

During the year several discipleship and evangelistic programs are held throughout Southeast Asia.

Glory Center School of Music

In any Christian community, worship and music are vital components of community life. Therefore, musically skilled worship leaders are a great need of the Christian church. 

To transform lives by the power of God through music study and performance; to set the worldwide standard for music education and music in the church

Education For Your Calling

Available Degrees

Bachelor of Ministry

2 years /3 years

Bachelor of Theology

3 years

Bachelor of Divinity

1 years

Master of Ministry

2 years/With B.Th./ B.Div

Master of Divinity

3 years / With B.Th./ B.Div

Master of Theology

2 years / With M.Div.
New Dehli, India

Aims and Objectives

The Glory Center International & Theological Seminary is Christian organization which aim to serve God by serving the people in spreading the gospel and train people with the word of God in order to equip in various parts of India. God calls people in all ages for building His kingdom. Our Lord, Jesus taught three and half years of His disciples through His life and message. He himself was with them .There could have been a better teacher and better practical courses.

Numbers 1-7

Statement of Faith

1. We Believe

We believe that 66 Books of the Bible are inspired and infallible word of God.

2. We believe

We believe the doctrine of Trinity (Father, Son and Holy Spirit)

3. We believe

We believe that Jesus is the only way the truth and the life, there is no other way which can lead us to salvation.

4. We believe

We believe Unconditional election

5. We believe

We believe Pre-Tribulation rapture (Rapture will take place before Seven year Tribulation)

6. We believe

We believe Pre-Millennial (1000 years reign of Christ (i.e., Millennium) will take place at the end of Seven years Tribulation

7. We believe

We believe that Jesus Christ is the head of the Church

New Delhi, India

Entrance Examination

The Basic requirement for the applicants to face Entrance Examination are as follow:

1. Scripture Knowledge

All applicant should know the basic knowledge of Scripture.

2. English

Students must prove that they have enough knowledge on comprehensive standard of English. The instruction of Narrow Gate Theological Seminary is to know good English to pursue courses in the College & Seminary.

3. General Knowledge

Examination in General Knowledge is administered to assess the applicant’s grasp of contemporary national and international events and knowledge of leaders shaping the course of secular history and the church.

Send in to apply!

Application Requirements

It is required for all the applicant to submit the following documents:

1. Application form

2. Photo Copy of all academic records

Since matriculation/ SSLC/ High School Pass (Original Certificate should be produce at the time of registration and admissions)

3. Testimony of the Applicant

4. Purpose of pursuing studies

5. Two recommendations

(One from your Pastor, and the other from your church leaders)

6. Financial statement 

7. One passport-size photo


“My heart is steadfast, O God! I will sing and make melody with all my being! Awake, O harp and lyre! I will awake the dawn! I will give thanks to you, O LORD, among the peoples; I will sing praises to you among the nations.” (Psalm 108:1-3).


Glory Center School of Music

Going Where There is Now

In any Christian community, worship and music are vital components of community life. Therefore, musically skilled worship leaders are a great need of the Christian church. 

Although church music training is readily available across the West, it is one of the least developed areas among theological institutions in India, Asia.

GCI – One Year Course

GCI will begin to teach the Diploma in Worship and Music course to train up young men and women with a solid biblical foundation and strong musical skills. This one-year diploma program integrates biblical, theological, worship and music subjects to prepare students to serve the Lord through music and worship.

The Goal

Our goal is to provide space for the serious music students at an affordable cost so that there is no need to leave the country in order to obtain world-class music training.


Students will have an opportunity to perform regularly, exhibiting their talent and expertise throughout their three years of study through weekly recitals and several public concerts during each year. Students also have practical music teaching experience before they graduate.



Building People to Build a Better World through Music.

Fulfil Your Calling


To fulfill your calling, Areas of emphasis available are church music leadership, music education, and vocal performance. If you are called to lead in worship, teach, perform, or train music teachers, our programs are designed to equip you for excellence in these roles.


Our Core Values


“Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind. “This is the first and great commandment.


As a community we learn to acknowledge and accept one another as God’s unique and wonderful creation.

Hard Work

The basis of excellence in all areas of life, and the key to satisfaction and wellbeing is hard work.


is a means of accomplishing great works as we commit to hard work on a daily basis.


We value the process that is required to attain excellence-our interest is in continuous development; where we are going is more important than where we have been or even where we are now.


Students staff, and faculty are accountable and honest with themselves and one another as we live in community.



To transform lives by the power of God through music study and performance; to set the worldwide standard for music education and music in the church.

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We seek to share the gospel in all it’s fullness to the glory of God by establishing, growing, and maturing the church in Southeast Asia.
– Habakuk 2:14



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