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Sponsor A Variety of Good Works

We spearhead many projects to empower frontline missionaries to keep spreading the gospel and growing God’s church.

The Glory Project

Our Projects

Spreading The Gospel

The Glory Project seeks to share the gospel of Christ all throughout Southeast Asia. We spearhead many projects across the region. Our projects empower frontline missionaries to keep spreading the gospel and growing God’s church. When you join us financially, you sponsor and support several of these projects including new church builds, printing of gospel material, production of gospel media, evangelistic trips, and more. Find out ways you can make an impact below:


A Church Building

First church built in an unreached people group

Within just a few years, in a remote region close to the Northern Himalayas, a people group called the T* Kh*mt* are now responding to the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our missionaries have faithfully served there for many years and now over seven households have trusted in Christ and have been baptized. We now are working to build a gathering place, a church building, for these believers to meet in. You can be a part of the very first church ever built among the T* Kh*mt* by financially giving today. 


Silkworm Business

New silk-worm business and mission for 7 villages

The Glory Projects works with frontline missionaries to begin new mission work that will lead to church planting movements among a people group, a region, a city, or village. One of our missionaries is working toward developing a silk-worm business to support mission endeavors that will share the gospel and start churches in seven different villages. Such micro-enterprise starts provide vital funding to strategic mission needs. Join us in getting this business up and running so our missionaries can continue to go and share. 


Translating The Gospel

Translation work for gospel literature and the Bible

In Southeast Asia, there are people throughout the region who do not have a Bible in their native tongue, discipleship material, evangelistic material, or media for the gospel to spread. Therefore, The Glory Project continues to develop new material and media for our missionaries. We translate and create contextually appropriate gospel material that can be used to share the truth of God’s Word in every village. The need for such gospel focused material is ongoing and we thank you for your gift. 

$6,500 a month

Glory Education Center
& Bible School

Glory Education Center in India (GEC)

The Glory Project has a missionary training center / bible school in India that is equipping young men and women to pastor existing churches and start new church across the region. We now have over 50 students, all who have been called by God, being trained to serve in ministry. We need recurring gifts of $8,500 a month to provide for these students. This amount will also go toward leasing another building for our girls dormitory. We are expecting to have 30-35 more students the next school year. Civil war in a neighboring country is causing the church to come to India and be equipped to go back with things settle down.  

$1000 per project

Orphanage Work

Sponsor a Child or Orphanage

The Glory Project serves God in various ways through compassion ministries & discipleship programs across Southeast Asia in church planting, child sponsorships, leadership development, and theological education.

Glory Children’s Home #1

Northern Myanmar. Opened April 2022

Project Sponsored

Glory Children’s Home #2

Southern Myanmar. Opened in 2014. Partnership established in summer 2022.

Project Sponsored​

Glory Children’s Home #3

Eastern Myanmar. Opened 2016. Partnership established Fall 2022.

Project Sponsored​

Glory Children’s Home #4

Central Myanmar. Opened 2018. Partnership established Fall 2022.

Project Sponsored​

Sponsor a Child or Orphanage

Thank you for your decision to pursue child sponsorship today.

We seek to share the gospel in all it’s fullness to the glory of God by establishing, growing, and maturing the church in Southeast Asia.
– Habakuk 2:14



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